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Tricks of the trade

Here are a few tips from a master craftsman with 44 years experience. 

  1. Order all the wallpaper you expect to need at the same time. When it arrives, double check the lot numbers to ensure it’s from the same production batch.
  2. Gather all your tools before starting; a seam roller, wallpaper smoother or brush, spirit level, tape measure, scissors, plumb bob, pencil, broad putty knife and a utility knife.                                     
  3. Check walls for any loose paint, cracks, chips and repair as necessary - always seal the wall. 
  4. If your wallpaper is a foil or non textured high sheen paper, consider using a lining paper. This will prevent the wallpaper from creasing or stretching and help the paste dry faster. 
  5.  Walls  generally do not have perfect right angles (also known as plumb), therefore to ensure that your wallpaper is straight you will need to make a ‘plumb line’. This can be done by using a device called a ‘plumb bob’ for your vertical line, and a spirit level for your horizontal line.
  6. To hide paper joins on dark wallpaper apply a 50mm vertical band where the joins of the wallpaper meet. 
  7. The first strip should be about ten centimetres longer than the height of the wall. Strips after that should be at least five centimetres longer on the top and bottom, however, they may need to be longer than the first one to ensure that the pattern matches.
  8. Double check newly hung strips for bubbles and seam matches. 
  9. Make sure your utility knife is sharp before trimming. Blunt knives will cause the wallpaper to tear and could lead to uneven lines or damaged wallpaper. 
  10. Turn off the power in the room before papering around switches and fittings. Remove cover plates if possible, then paper over them as if they were not there. Make diagonal slits from opposite corners with scissors. Trim off the triangular flaps and replace the cover plate.
The Van Diddens' Team are happy to answer any questions you may have about your wallpaper project – after all it is our passion! Please feel free to call us or send us an email.

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