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Glossary of Terms


The base of a wall anything from 900 cm high to 1.8 metres high bordered by either a wallpaper border,  timber or plaster molding and is usually a darker colour than the wall above .


Abroad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, these usually appear on a wall near the ceiling.


A thin translucent coating allowing the base coats to show through.


Usually used to decorate moldings , can be either a; 23ct gold leaf, silver leaf or Dutch metal.


A term used to describe window and window frames and doors and door frames. 


A painted surface to imitate the appearance of polished marble.


An embellishment made of wood or plaster to decorate a wall or door surface.


A mixture of lime with plaster trowled over a sand, cement render which forms a smooth hard finish which is then painted or wallpapered over.

Pin lining

A 6 to 10mm line usually at the top of a dado and also at the bottom of a frieze.


A cut-out from a decorative pattern and stencilled onto a wall surface. Stenciling is usually at the top of a dado or in the middle of a frieze.

Wood graining

A decorative paint technique to create the effect of wood graining.

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