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Historical buildings are an integral part of Australia's history, many of which have great value in our cultural heritage. Although Perth is a relatively young city, it is still home to several beautiful icons. Here at Van Diddens it is our passion to uncover and restore these historical buildings to their former beauty.

We offer a paint investigation of colour schemes and restoration services on Perth’s oldest buildings, MSC Fremantle, London Court, Fremantle Town Hall and other prestigious buildings and residences. With over 50 years in the restoration business, we like to stay true to the original design, materials and workmanship of these icons.

There are a variety of restoration techniques and decorative finishes that our team can offer, please view our gallery of past projects to find out more on our historical or residential restorations services or contact us through the contact menu or email bill@vandiddens.com.au

Why restore?

The restoration of a historic building is necessary to prevent decay, maintain its beauty and to hold on to history. Decay can be caused by various reasons; water ingress, air pollution, acid rain, sun, or by the original materials becoming worn, unstable or environmentally unsound.  Materials of an earlier time, that might have been state-of-the-art at the time of construction, might have failed and now need replacing with contemporary and better functioning materials.

The Van Diddens Team are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your restoration project – after all it is our passion!


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Our team is made up of Master Craftsmen and promising Apprentices who together form a talented group of painting and decorating experts.


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We are Perth’s experts in painting, specialising in the re-painting of commercial, residential and historical properties.